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Jamaica has a rich and dynamic culture that makes it a dream destination for all. If you are planning your maiden visit to the reggae island, there are a few tips that can make your vacation perfect. It’s a wonderful destination choice as the locals are friendly filled with fascinating stories on their history. Here are travel tips that will make your first trip to Jamaica memorable.

Know the best time to visit

Jamaica experiences a tropical marine climate throughout the year with temperatures ranging between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. That aside, they do have a peak season, December through April and it’s the busiest time to visit Jamaica. During the peak season, the airline and hotel rates are typically higher. The best time to visit would be during the off-peak season, May through November. Then, you are likely to encounter lower airline and hotel rates as well as lower crowds.

Considering the rainy season May to June and October to November, take that Jamaican vacation in the months of July and August, which is not a rainy season and is off-peak.

Keep your documents safe

Remember this is a foreign trip and you need to know where your passport is at all times. You should also carry along with other identification documents such as a driver’s license in case there is a need for verification. If you have medical coverage to travel abroad, carry a copy of it.

On this note, you need to know where you are staying, address, phone number, and the available means to get there. For instance, hotel pick-ups, taxi or public means.

Go for local Jamaican cuisine

Food is an important factor in any vacation, so try out the Jamaican local cuisine. Here you can eat some of the freshest tropical foods, vegetables, and seafood that you can’t find back home. Jamaica is home to the popular “jerk” spices, which means you have to spare some time and try this Jamaican cuisine. Jamaicans pride in their cuisine and they would be glad if you tried it as well. It will also offer you an opportunity to interact with the locals as they enjoy their meals there.


Normally, when traveling to a different country, visitors exchange money at a bank or use local ATM to withdrawal local currency. However, in Jamaica, an American may not need to undergo all that as U.S dollars are accepted in most places. Tourist-friendly restaurants and hotels have excursions and menus with U.S dollars listed prices. When planning to visit less touristy regions or spending cash at street vendors or supermarkets, it’s ideal to have local currency. You can also have both currencies on hand in the event of a poor exchange rate.


Although Jamaica is home to some of the most beautiful white sand beaches, there is more. Travel deeper into the island and you will discover plenty of beautiful caves, lush mountains, a breathtaking waterfall and so much more.

These tips will make your first trip to Jamaica memorable. In addition, relax, take it easy and enjoy Jamaica. Kick back and absorb all the good vibe of this island. …

New York City’s central location provides its residents and visitors alike with enough options for escaping the concrete jungle. The city is known to be the epicenter of the arts and a capital for dining and shopping. There are lots of activities affordable to everyone from college students to wealthy company executives. As it’s said, in New York, all you need is a free weekend and an adventurer’s mind, and you can fulfill your childhood fantasies. There’s so much you can see and explore within easy reach of New York City. This includes artsy towns, majestic mountains, incredible beaches, surfing and sailing meccas, and so much more. Here are some of the best day trips from NYC.

Fire Island

For people looking to escape the city walls, the 32-mile-long Island is the perfect destination. With its mix of culture from gay-friendly to the isolated Fire Island is inarguably growing to a favorite destination. On the Island, you are assured of relaxation and fun as it offers bars, boutiques, restaurants, and several LGBTQ dedicated communities, besides the clean sandy beach with trained lifeguards. In addition to hiking, you will also find various locations for fishing and surfing. Whatever village you go to on Fire Island, the beach is always a stroll away.

Breakneck Ridge

Offering the most rewarding experience with its remarkable views of the Delaware River, a trip to Breakneck Ridge is not for the faint-hearted. To get the best out of your journey on Breakneck Ridge, you have to complete a 40-minute-long steep terrain on all fours. A summit well stocked with refreshing beers and artisan good is another reward you will get aside from the spectacular views. Planning this trip with your friends is recommended to get the best out of it.

Montauk, NY

For those looking for a chilled far out destination, Montauk, located about 100 miles east of New York City, is the perfect destination. Loved for its simplicity, a rent board and wetsuit are you need to get into action in Montauk, New York. Great swimmers also provide excellent sites for those chilling by the beach. Hikers are also taken care of by the 200-year-old lighthouse on New York State’s easternmost point which is most visited hiking destination here. With this and much, more one can confidently say Montauk is a perfect destination for lovers of fun.

Storm King

With its majestic bizarre sculptures an hour from New York City, Storm King Art Center is a must see for the lovers of art and anyone seeking time off the concrete jungle. Storm King is also an excellent destination for young couples as it simply is a quiet 500-acre piece of land dotted by magnificent sculptures.

Governors Island

Considered by many as the most accessible day trip destination from New York City, Governors Island is just 800 yards from Manhattan. To make it the perfect picnic destination, the Island adopted the car-free and care-free tradition for New Yorkers to lounge and have maximum fun. Soaring along a 300-foot zip line, relaxing Kayak rides, public art installations, and a 57-foot slide are some of the great things one will experience on this magnificent Island. 

With a reasonable budget, little research and excellent planning, New York City has more than enough to offer in terms of Travel destinations. Other places you may consider include the Storm king Art Center, historic Philadelphia about 100 miles away, Beacon town, Coney Island, and the Culinary Institute of America.  …

The Caribbean island nations are known for their exquisite sunsets, fascinating cultures, spectacular white sand beaches, tropical breezes, brilliant sunshine, and natural beauty. There’s just no better way to soothe the stress of wedding planning than spending a couple of days or weeks soaking in a warm tropical breeze and enjoying a swim in the crystal clear waters in the Caribbean. Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations you should visit in the Caribbean.

St. Lucia

Vacationers on the lush, unspoiled St. Lucia are either music lovers participating in the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival in spring or outdoor adventurers hiking the famous Piton Mountains. St. Lucia features beautiful scenery, stunning beaches, impressive oceanfront resorts, and a fascinating culture all which appeal to honeymooners. The best way to discover St. Lucia’s indescribable charms and amazing attractions is to visit the island for yourself. Plan to visit sometime between May and June when there are better deals at the island’s best hotels. The weather is wonderful at this time as well.


If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination that can offer a little bit of adventure and some downtime all together, Grenada is the best choice. Colorful Grenada isn’t one of those destinations you just see; you have to savor it yourself. Scuba diving and sailing are some of the major activities here. The beautiful Grand Anse Beach is a must visit. You’re not going to find the glitzy nightclubs of Barbados or impressive all-inclusive hotels of St. Lucia here. But, don’t you realize that’s what contributes to Grenada’s charm?

The Bahamas

Visitors can access this impressive Island by marine taxi, cruise, ship, or plane. The Bahamas is made up of about 700 islands featuring scuba diving excursions, spectacular white sand beaches, duty-free shops, luxurious accommodations, and much more. If you’re a nature enthusiast, be sure to visit the Lucayan National Park on Grand Bahama Island as well as the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve on Eleuthero. Couples can also take advantage of the duty-free deals on Paradise Island and in Freeport before exploring the colonial era ruins and artifacts on San Salvador and Cat Island. The impressive resorts, shopping areas, and pristine beaches on the Bahamas are a big draw here.


It’s the natural beauty, lively cultural scene, luxurious resorts, tasty cuisine, and versatility of Antigua’s 365 beautiful beaches that draw travelers from around the world to this destination. Honeymooners looking to explore the ocean deep and party in the sand or families interested in safe, shallow waters where their children can play will find the island’s beaches exciting and fulfilling. There’s a beach for you to explore for every day of the year remember. Be sure to take in the breathtaking views from Shirley Heights and learn some history at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.


Barbados seem to be the one of the few Caribbean Islands where travelers can take in a cricket match, enjoy dancing to a calypso performance, and have a taste of the bittersweet Mount Gay Rum. There’s better way to enjoy your honeymoon than flavoring it with the Mount Gay Rum. And remember there’s so much you can do at the incredible beaches on this Caribbean paradise. Barbados features a passionate sports culture that you’ll find in very few tropical destinations. The island’s shorelines boast calming ocean breezes and breathtaking views.

Turks & Caicos

If you’re looking for an exclusive and secluded honeymoon destination, Turks and Caicos have got you covered. This Caribbean paradise seems to have the perfect antidote to your busy and hectic lifestyle. Turks and Caicos are made up of a network of forty islands and cays featuring shimmering azure waters, beautiful beaches, colorful coral reefs, and a sleepy, lighthearted tropical atmosphere. The damage caused by the hurricanes of 2017 has since been repaired and the beaches on this island are still stunning and beautiful as ever. Plan your visit sometime in April and May when there are fewer crowds, pleasant weather, and lower prices. …

Haiti, one of the islands forming the Caribbean, can reasonably be called an unfortunate nation. It has always seemed to reel from one natural calamity to another. The political climate is also delicate sometimes, and this has not helped matters for a country whose citizens face abject poverty. Many of these tips are from Megan, who owns a great salon in Orange County California, visit site for Love is Blonde Hair Salon and check it out!

It is also a beautiful and rich-cultured island worth visiting. With its tropical beaches, lovely mountains landscapes and gorgeous waterfalls, it is a destination you should tick in your To-visit list. Indeed Haiti used to be a top destination for tourism in the 70s and 80s before the disasters became a discouragement. The “healing waters” of Haiti attract multitudes of voodoo and Catholic pilgrims.

Haiti, one of the islands forming the Caribbean, can reasonably be called an unfortunate nation. It has always seemed to reel from one natural calamity to another. The political climate is also delicate sometimes, and this has not helped matters for a country whose citizens face abject poverty. But it is also a beautiful and rich-cultured island worth visiting. With its tropical beaches, lovely mountains landscapes and gorgeous waterfalls, it is a destination you should tick in your To-visit list. Indeed Haiti used to be a top destination for tourism in the 70s and 80s before the disasters became a discouragement. The “healing waters” of Haiti attract multitudes of voodoo and Catholic pilgrims.

These are the basic facts about Haiti that you should note before you set foot there to swim and picnic:

It’s the first to fight off slavery

Haiti was the first nation to throw away the heavy yoke of colonization and slavery that came with it. Following a revolt that lasted 14 years, Haiti finally defeated the French colonial power over them. But it didn’t enjoy or benefit much from its independence due to the internal political and social instability.

The most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere

Because of its lousy beginning, Haiti has not been able to get on her feet and match forward with other countries in the western hemisphere of the globe. She has remained the poorest. Dictatorship and exploitation of the natural resources have also ensured Haiti remains the most impoverished nation near the Americans.

The situation has been worsened by the natural calamities that have visited and revisited her. The deadly earthquake of 2010 is one such calamity that has weakened the progress of this nation. She is yet to recover from this massive blow fully. Following the earthquake, there was a period of lawlessness as gangs took over the streets and diseases like cholera outbreaks also became prevalent, killing over half a million of the earthquake survivors.

Haitians are friendly hosts

The fact that Haiti has faced tragedies doesn’t mean her citizens are a bunch sympathy-seeking, gloomy, bitter and anti-social people. They are interactive, kind and supportive if you approach them well. Do not go there expecting hostility. On your part, be as friendly as you can. Take time to learn one or two local phrases. This will show them you have some interest in them and not just concerned with your fun or safety.

Do not turn them into your photography objects to show the world what a poor people they are. They have learned to be wary of photographers. These are proud people who never take it kindly when tourists take their photos without their consent.


No place on earth is too safe that you do not need to take precautions. Haiti, being part of the world, has its fair share of insecurity incidents so you cannot stop visiting it solely for security reasons. So take the standard safety measures: do not wander away to isolated locations especially at night. Like any other developing country, Haiti has crime issues, and some areas are dangerous. Violent robbery is an ever-present danger so watch out especially if you have valuables. Without taking safety measures, you can end up a victim of kidnapping, assault, murder, robbery, and rape.

Plenty of delicacies

Poverty in a Haiti doesn’t mean there is no food. On the contrary, there is plenty to eat. The seafood is in surplus, from lobster to conch. There is also fried pork, which is a favorite in Haiti. If you are not a carnivore, you have vegetarian dishes like beans, rice, and fruits to enjoy.


With these details, you are good to go so pack your backpack, get sunscreens and walking shoes and fly to Haiti.

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