6 Best Caribbean Island Honeymoon Destinations

The Caribbean island nations are known for their exquisite sunsets, fascinating cultures, spectacular white sand beaches, tropical breezes, brilliant sunshine, and natural beauty. There’s just no better way to soothe the stress of wedding planning than spending a couple of days or weeks soaking in a warm tropical breeze and enjoying a swim in the crystal clear waters in the Caribbean. Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations you should visit in the Caribbean.

St. Lucia

Vacationers on the lush, unspoiled St. Lucia are either music lovers participating in the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival in spring or outdoor adventurers hiking the famous Piton Mountains. St. Lucia features beautiful scenery, stunning beaches, impressive oceanfront resorts, and a fascinating culture all which appeal to honeymooners. The best way to discover St. Lucia’s indescribable charms and amazing attractions is to visit the island for yourself. Plan to visit sometime between May and June when there are better deals at the island’s best hotels. The weather is wonderful at this time as well.


If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination that can offer a little bit of adventure and some downtime all together, Grenada is the best choice. Colorful Grenada isn’t one of those destinations you just see; you have to savor it yourself. Scuba diving and sailing are some of the major activities here. The beautiful Grand Anse Beach is a must visit. You’re not going to find the glitzy nightclubs of Barbados or impressive all-inclusive hotels of St. Lucia here. But, don’t you realize that’s what contributes to Grenada’s charm?

The Bahamas

Visitors can access this impressive Island by marine taxi, cruise, ship, or plane. The Bahamas is made up of about 700 islands featuring scuba diving excursions, spectacular white sand beaches, duty-free shops, luxurious accommodations, and much more. If you’re a nature enthusiast, be sure to visit the Lucayan National Park on Grand Bahama Island as well as the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve on Eleuthero. Couples can also take advantage of the duty-free deals on Paradise Island and in Freeport before exploring the colonial era ruins and artifacts on San Salvador and Cat Island. The impressive resorts, shopping areas, and pristine beaches on the Bahamas are a big draw here.


It’s the natural beauty, lively cultural scene, luxurious resorts, tasty cuisine, and versatility of Antigua’s 365 beautiful beaches that draw travelers from around the world to this destination. Honeymooners looking to explore the ocean deep and party in the sand or families interested in safe, shallow waters where their children can play will find the island’s beaches exciting and fulfilling. There’s a beach for you to explore for every day of the year remember. Be sure to take in the breathtaking views from Shirley Heights and learn some history at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.


Barbados seem to be the one of the few Caribbean Islands where travelers can take in a cricket match, enjoy dancing to a calypso performance, and have a taste of the bittersweet Mount Gay Rum. There’s better way to enjoy your honeymoon than flavoring it with the Mount Gay Rum. And remember there’s so much you can do at the incredible beaches on this Caribbean paradise. Barbados features a passionate sports culture that you’ll find in very few tropical destinations. The island’s shorelines boast calming ocean breezes and breathtaking views.

Turks & Caicos

If you’re looking for an exclusive and secluded honeymoon destination, Turks and Caicos have got you covered. This Caribbean paradise seems to have the perfect antidote to your busy and hectic lifestyle. Turks and Caicos are made up of a network of forty islands and cays featuring shimmering azure waters, beautiful beaches, colorful coral reefs, and a sleepy, lighthearted tropical atmosphere. The damage caused by the hurricanes of 2017 has since been repaired and the beaches on this island are still stunning and beautiful as ever. Plan your visit sometime in April and May when there are fewer crowds, pleasant weather, and lower prices.


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