5 Great Day Trips from New York City

New York City’s central location provides its residents and visitors alike with enough options for escaping the concrete jungle. The city is known to be the epicenter of the arts and a capital for dining and shopping. There are lots of activities affordable to everyone from college students to wealthy company executives. As it’s said, in New York, all you need is a free weekend and an adventurer’s mind, and you can fulfill your childhood fantasies. There’s so much you can see and explore within easy reach of New York City. This includes artsy towns, majestic mountains, incredible beaches, surfing and sailing meccas, and so much more. Here are some of the best day trips from NYC.

Fire Island

For people looking to escape the city walls, the 32-mile-long Island is the perfect destination. With its mix of culture from gay-friendly to the isolated Fire Island is inarguably growing to a favorite destination. On the Island, you are assured of relaxation and fun as it offers bars, boutiques, restaurants, and several LGBTQ dedicated communities, besides the clean sandy beach with trained lifeguards. In addition to hiking, you will also find various locations for fishing and surfing. Whatever village you go to on Fire Island, the beach is always a stroll away.

Breakneck Ridge

Offering the most rewarding experience with its remarkable views of the Delaware River, a trip to Breakneck Ridge is not for the faint-hearted. To get the best out of your journey on Breakneck Ridge, you have to complete a 40-minute-long steep terrain on all fours. A summit well stocked with refreshing beers and artisan good is another reward you will get aside from the spectacular views. Planning this trip with your friends is recommended to get the best out of it.

Montauk, NY

For those looking for a chilled far out destination, Montauk, located about 100 miles east of New York City, is the perfect destination. Loved for its simplicity, a rent board and wetsuit are you need to get into action in Montauk, New York. Great swimmers also provide excellent sites for those chilling by the beach. Hikers are also taken care of by the 200-year-old lighthouse on New York State’s easternmost point which is most visited hiking destination here. With this and much, more one can confidently say Montauk is a perfect destination for lovers of fun.

Storm King

With its majestic bizarre sculptures an hour from New York City, Storm King Art Center is a must see for the lovers of art and anyone seeking time off the concrete jungle. Storm King is also an excellent destination for young couples as it simply is a quiet 500-acre piece of land dotted by magnificent sculptures.

Governors Island

Considered by many as the most accessible day trip destination from New York City, Governors Island is just 800 yards from Manhattan. To make it the perfect picnic destination, the Island adopted the car-free and care-free tradition for New Yorkers to lounge and have maximum fun. Soaring along a 300-foot zip line, relaxing Kayak rides, public art installations, and a 57-foot slide are some of the great things one will experience on this magnificent Island. 

With a reasonable budget, little research and excellent planning, New York City has more than enough to offer in terms of Travel destinations. Other places you may consider include the Storm king Art Center, historic Philadelphia about 100 miles away, Beacon town, Coney Island, and the Culinary Institute of America. 


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